Team Math Attack Contest

Team Math Attack Contest – 3 people. 30 problems. 1 hour. Do you have what it takes?

2019 Team Math Contest is open for registration! Please enter into each city for registration.

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A New Kind of Math Contest

While mathematics contests have traditionally focused on individual performance and personal ingenuity, Math Attack Society believes that they should represent something more.

Our team aims to broaden the previously isolated environment of competitive math by focusing on collaboration. Thus, we have introduced a new junior high competition that is centered on team performance, one where every individual is encouraged to recognize their own mathematical strengths and work well with others in order to succeed.

If you think you have what it takes to be shine amongst the best young math talents, gather two of your friends and sign up! You will go head-to-head and become friends with hundreds of other students. When competing in our unique and enjoyable event, we hope that you experience growth as a mathematician, team player, and leader.

What to Expect

The Team Math Attack provides a new, unique format of competition for young math enthusiasts across the province. We strive to increase the engagement of junior high mathematicians by providing an intense yet fun team-based experience for all competitors.

Live Setting Intensity Collaboration Preparation
The TMA is held live at your local university, creating a more competitive and fun atmosphere for students. 30 difficult questions in 1 hour. The contest is challenging, so we do not anticipate any groups to finish during the time allotted! Students will compete in teams of three, encouraging collaboration among team members during the contest. Students will have the opportunity to practice skills that are used in higher mathematics courses, as well as practice for other math competitions.


The top six teams from each city will be recognized at the closing ceremonies. The top team will receive engraved trophies, while the second and third place teams receive engraved medals. Teams that place 4th to 6th will receive certificates.

Additionally, by hosting the same competition at the same time in Calgary and Edmonton, we will be able to announce and reward the provincial champions.