Team Math Attack Contest

3 people. 30 problems. 1 hour. Do you have what it takes?

The 2020 Team Math Attack Contest is open for registration! Register now for free! The registration deadline is December 4th, 2020!

This year’s contest will be hosted online on December 12th, 2020. See the rules for more information.

This year features a new relay competition and a prize draw!

See our previous Papers and Solutions to practice!

2020 Schedule

Time (pm, MST)Activity
12:30–12:45Zoom meeting opens and contestants are admitted
12:45–1:15Overview of the schedule
Rules for Part A of the contest
1:15–1:45Part A (team contest)! You will have half an hour to solve as many questions as you can!
1:45–2:15Fun break activity (surprise)
2:15–2:45Speaker presentation
2:45–3:00Rules for Part B of the contest and Practice Round
3:00–3:45Part B (relay contest)! Work with your team to beat all five rounds as quickly as possible!
3:45–4:15Speaker presentation
4:15–5:00Part A problem discussion
4:45–5:15Part B problem discussion
5:15–5:30Awards ceremony to conclude the 2020 Team Math Attack Contest!

A New Kind of Math Contest

While mathematics contests have traditionally focused on individual performance and personal ingenuity, Math Attack Society believes that they should represent something more.

Our team aims to broaden the previously isolated environment of competitive math by focusing on collaboration. Thus, we have introduced a new junior high competition that is centred on team performance, one where every individual is encouraged to recognize their own mathematical strengths and work well with others in order to succeed.

If you think you have what it takes to be shine amongst the best young math talents, gather two of your friends and sign up! You will go head-to-head and become friends with hundreds of other students. When competing in our unique and enjoyable event, we hope that you experience growth as a mathematician, team player, and leader.

What to Expect

The Team Math Attack provides a new, unique format of competition for young math enthusiasts across the province. We strive to increase the engagement of junior high mathematicians by providing an intense yet fun team-based experience for all competitors!

Due to the online format, this year will have a different set of rules than indicated below! Please see this year’s rules for more information!

Live Setting Intensity Collaboration Preparation
The contest is held live at your local university, creating a more competitive and fun atmosphere. In the team contest, you’ll have 30 minutes to solve 15 questions: 5 easy, 5 medium, and 5 hard.Compete in teams of three and collaborate with your team members!Practice mathematical thinking and problem-solving for scholarships and awards!


Due to difficulties with the postal system, this year we will not be able to mail physical awards!

The top three teams in each province and overall will be awarded with certificates and prizes to be announced by December 5th.

This year, we’re also introducing a prize draw for a $25 Tim Hortons gift card! For each team you refer, your team gains an extra entry into the prize draw, so make sure to tell your classmates about our contest!