2021 Team Math Attack Contest Rules

Part A: Team Contest

  • 15 numerical response questions
  • 30 minutes
  • Maximum of 60 points

Teams will be able to collaborate on the 15 problems.

Questions 1–5 test application of concepts found in a standard junior high curriculum. 2 points each.

Questions 6–10 test mathematical problem-solving skills and familiarity with junior high concepts. 4 points each.

Questions 11–15 are designed to test ingenuity and insight and may require concepts from multiple fields of math. 6 points each.

Part B: Relay Contest

  • 3 rounds
    • 3 numerical response questions each
    • maximum of 20 points each
    • 10 minutes each with 2 minute break in between
  • total of 9 questions over 60 minutes
  • maximum of 60 points

There will also be a practice round which does not count for points.

Each round consists of three problems. The three members of each team will decide on an order A, B, C.

At the start of the round, Student A will receive question 1, Student B will receive question 2, and Student C will receive question 3.

Each student may begin work on their question as soon as time begins, but question 2 will require the answer to question 1 and question 3 will require the answer to question 2.

Teammates are not allowed to communicate except as described below.

Once Student A or B solves their question, they can send the answer, and only the answer, to their team. If they correct their answer, they may resend their answer as many times as needed.

Once Student C solves their question, they should send it to the chat immediately. The proctor will tell them whether the answer is correct or incorrect.


You begin each round with 20 points. After the 5 minute mark, for each minute that passes, you lose 2 points. Additionally, for each incorrect answer from Student C, you lose one point.

Example 1: If Student C solves their question correctly for the first time after 7 minutes but before 8 minutes, their team would receive 20 – 2*2 = 16 points, since 2 minutes have passed after the 5 minute mark.

Example 2: If Student C guess incorrectly 3 times and submit the right answer right before the 10 minutes is up, their team would receive 20 – 2*4 – 3 = 9 points, since 4 whole minutes have passed after the 5 minute mark.

If the total number of points you receive from a round would be negative, it will be treated as 0.


Calculating devices are allowed as long as they do not have any of the following features:

  • Internet access
  • The ability to communicate with other devices
  • Previously stored information such as formulas, programs, notes, etc.
  • A computer algebra system
  • Dynamic geometry software.

You may not communicate with people outside of your team.

All participants are expected to have an electronic device with Internet access such as a computer or mobile phone. You may only use this device to join the official Zoom meeting and to submit your answers through the Google Form, which will be released on the day of the contest.

Each team will be proctored by a Math Attack volunteer.

Contest Preparation

We recommend that students prepare by attempting previous problems from our contest or other contests of similar difficulty including the Gauss, Pascal, and Fryer contests, hosted by the University of Waterloo.

Results and Recognition

All participants will be emailed a signed certificate. If you would prefer a physical version, there will be an option to provide your address after the awards ceremony.

  • Gold: a $25 Indigo gift card for each contestant
  • Silver: a $20 Indigo gift card for each contestant
  • Bronze: a $15 Indigo gift card for each contestant
  • Prize Draw: a $25 gift card for the entire team

In the case of any ties, both teams will receive the full prize for that position.

Top Albertan performers may also be invited to the CMS Summer Camp.