Math Resources

A group math lesson
Students learning collaboratively in our math classes

Alberta Curriculum Resources

Our Resources

  • Math Attack Society has recorded free video lessons about concepts that show up on the PAT!

Alberta Education

The official Alberta Education site has further resources about our provincial curriculum.

Math Contest Resources

Our Resources

  • We run contest math lessons in both Edmonton and Calgary during the school year. You can find more information here.
  • You can access notes from our Edmonton group lessons here.
  • You can find videos of our past lessons on our YouTube account or our Facebook page.
  • Practice with past contest papers from our annual Team Math Attack contest!

Art of Problem Solving

This website includes a multitude of resources, such as an online school with advanced math courses, a bookstore, and several games to help students improve at contest math.


The best way to improve is to practice with past contests! MathCounts is a national competition that was created specifically for junior high students who aspire to become better mathematicians.


The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing from the University of Waterloo provides many math and computing contests each year. By excelling at these contests, students may be invited to national or even international contests.

Caribou Cup

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a worldwide online contest held six times throughout the school year. The contests are for grade levels 3–12 and can be written in English, French and Persian.

Calgary Junior High Math Contest

This annual contest, offered by the University of Calgary Department of Mathematics and Statistics, tests students from grades 7-9 is another great introduction into junior high contest mathematics. Winners are recognized by the UofC.

Edmonton Junior High Math Contest

Sponsored by the University of Alberta Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, the Edmonton Junior High Math Contest encourages students of all ages to improve their math skills in a fun, competitive, team-based environment. Winners are recognized by the UofA.

STEM Resources

The Government of Canada and STEM 

The Government of Canada has a variety of STEM-related opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a world-renowned free resource for students of all ages to learn about an incredible range of topics from Algebra to AP Chemistry. It provides a wealth of resources for Math and Science in a fun and comprehensible format.