Math Attack Society offers various programs.

Annual Math Contest

We introduce a new junior high competition that is centered on team performance, one where every individual is encouraged to recognize their own mathematical strengths and work well with others in order to succeed.

Inspire Youth Seminars

Math Attack Society hosts various inspire youth conventions. We welcome those who are interested in improving themselves to participate.

PAT Reviews

Over 40% of grade 9 public school students in Alberta failed their math provincial achievement tests in the 2017-2018 school year. In response to this, Math Attack Society provided free in-person tutoring and online math Youtube videos.

Rural Mentoring

Youth who lives in rural area needs a mentor, but doesn’t have access to one? Don’t worry! Contact Math Attack Society.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

STEM Courses

We are providing affordable tutoring services in STEM courses. Math and science high school senior lead small group lessons for youth. Say goodbye to traditional tutoring rates and save thousands annually.